How Artificial Intelligence optimise the Industry Spare parts inventories ?

Engie Home Services will give you details about the project and its benefits.
Thursday March 29th from 8:30 AM to 9AM (Time in Paris)

Artificial Intelligence serves your spare parts stock allocation.

Thursday March 29th from 8:30 AM to 9AM (Time in Paris).

In the Industry sector and especially for spare parts, there are many references and a wide variety of products’ category. Reducing logistics costs and physical capital costs, while ensuring quality of service for the customer is the main challenge faced by professionals.

It is therefore essential to get an automated inventory management solution allowing:

  • Define the forecast requirements for technicians in order to get the right spare at the right time;
  • Access to the sales history of spare parts or services;
  • Provide information on possible substitution of articles or its equivalencies;
  • Avoid redundancies.

Attend to our webinar to learn how Engie Home Services optimised its inventory planning with Vekia's Artificial Intelligence technology.

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