Logistic Workload Forecasting

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Logistic Workload Forecasting and Warehouse Agility

We calculate lists to be used to plan the resources that are actually needed based on the workload to be absorbed. Thanks to our push functions, the emptying of the warehouses is planned, smoothed and updated according to the working capacity (e. g. anticipation of sales periods). Our Supply Chain Management solutions take into account the evolution of your logistics network (addition of warehouses, scalability, international expansion, etc.).

Fluid and intelligent logistics

You simply plan the introduction of your offer on the logistics network by taking into account the capacity of the warehouses and the evolution of the reception/presentation capacity of the stores. The stock is redistributed between the warehouses or between the stores to be allocated optimally and at the right time, regardless of the sales channel (online or physical).

Main Benefits:

  • Improvement of warehouse performance
  • Management of the scalability
  • Inventory balancing


Ressource planning

Ressource Planning

Planning of warehouse resources via planning lists to be served
Taking into account the evolution of resources and store reception schedule.

Inventory rebalancing

Inventory rebalancing

Inter-store transfers
Inter Warehouse Transfers

Adaptation to supply evolution

Adaptation to supply evolution

Instore picking support
Reverse logistics mechanics

Loading and expansion

Loading and expansion

Store opening / closing schedule
Planning the opening / closing of the warehouse
Opening up to the international market

IT Provision

IT Provision

No need for heavy processes (hardware / DSI) to manage the scalability: we manage for you
SaaS solution dimensioned according to your needs, but scalable.
Adapts to the evolution of your data volume or your reactivity needs.

Push functionalitiy


With Push's module, you establish the emptying strategies of the warehouses, planning the dates and quantities to be deployed. Our Articifial Intelligence establishes the best planning and distribution of stock accordingly.


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