We are Supply Chain expert in
Retail activities

To bring to our customers a highly specialized service, we have developed and devote ourselves to an expertise on business issues that we recommend. Our specialization on retail chain and our DNA from research in mathematics bring us a new perspective on the best way to address their stakes.

Our solutions are based on 3 complementary know-how:

  • The perfect understanding of issues and stakes of retailers field
  • The expertise coming from the research in recent applied mathematics allowing to evaluate the demand with more reliability and precision and to model the whole game of operational constraints
  • The know-how in IT development based on recent technologies.

This know-how, associated with our specialization on supply chain fields related to retailers enable us to publish software package perfectly adapted to current and coming issues of our customers, and to make their supply chain processes a performance boost of the retailer.


Whitepaper Vekia

Why and how to make his stocks more reliable in the digitale age ?

How to make your stock more reliable in the digital age?
Find out in our White Paper why and how Artificial Intelligence plays an essential role in stock reliability? Some key information from the White Paper:

  • Ensure maximum product availability;
  • Maximize linear availability rate;
  • Discover the new generations of procurement tools.