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We support you from beginning to end in the success of your Supply Chain projects

Change management, supply chain training, SaaS transition, high availability, logistics consulting or process optimisation. Vekia positions itself as a single entry point for its customers and covers all related issues.

Our team relies on internal expertise and its network of partners.


Analysis and Diagnosis

Our team analyses your organisation, draws up a map of strong points and improvements to be made. Soon after, our methodology delivers a relevant and substantiated analysis of your factual data to serve as the basis for the action plan. Allow us to support your company in examining the maturity and processes of your Supply Chain.

Recommendations and Advice

We bring a fresh approach and advice specifically tailored to the context of your business and ambitions. Our Supply Chain expertise falls in a range of sectors and provides a high level of added value. Our tailored analysis includes suggestions such as process redesign and how to improve product availability.


We have you covered as new business needs emerge from the operational implementation of your projects, whether they are related to organisation or to the application of new solutions. Our team of consultant advisors are prepared to support the implementation of the management of programs and projects up until your team is autonomous.

Accompanying Transformation

We advocate for the presence of [often] disruptive transition phases throughout your company. Our consultants are leaders who help you create the necessary conditions to lead your company and team on a successful mission. Allow us to help you define and manage change management plans, as well as implement advanced planning solutions.

Performance Management

Our consultant advisors identify the relevant indicators for the management and performance measurement of your Supply Chain according. This is done by using a triptych: Efficiency x Efficiency x Relevance. Our added value is the extensive Supply Chain and Retail joined with the computing power of Machine Learning. We’ll be present for subsequent key Supply Chain indicator revisions, as well as the operational audits of your Supply Chain.


The strengths of Vekia support

A team of engineers who are experts in our solutions can be reached by telephone, email or via tickets.
Close collaboration between the business consultancy team, integrators and the software editing department.
An easy transition between the project and support phases. The support team works with the project team (project manager, project director, integration engineers and business consultants) in the weeks leading up to the project being put into production to ensure optimal quality of service from the first day of use.
A permanent link with our team: we organise regular operational reviews to assess service quality indicators.
A ticketing platform which facilitates effective follow-up for on-going issues and the creation of a knowledge base.

Vekia support is much more than just maintenance

Depending on your needs, our support team can offer guidance in: temporary delegation of operations, the operation of additional services, business consulting and additional user training in IT and business systems, other areas where you require support.

Service levels & our commitment

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are defined in our maintenance contracts. According to the severity of the ticket, we are committed to resolving the incident within a given time-frame, either by using a work- around or by correcting a product anomaly.
Collaboration between different teams allows us to honour these SLAs. Depending on the problem, the people involved might include: business consultants, product teams, the corrective maintenance team and the research and development team, amongst others.
SLA indicators are presented to our clients during Customer Support Meetings which are organised every other month.

Customer feedback

In addition to these key indicators, and in line with our mission to always go the extra mile in terms of service quality, we have created a customer satisfaction form. We use this to understand how we are performing against certain criteria: responsiveness, response time, quality of response, quality of our relationship with you, our understanding of your business needs.


Theoretical Demonstrations

Theoretical demonstrations of the tool are demonstrated to show the capacity of Machine Learning and the Supply Chain. The training provides a general understanding of Machine Learning, how our algorithms work, as well as functional trainings to support you as you learn to most accurately control your Supply Chain with our newest tools in prime conditions.

Practical and Operational Training

We proudly offer practical and operational training for directly using our solutions in your real business operations. This training includes presentation of screens, indicators, processes, functionalities such as store openings and flows driven or activity smoothing. Training materials are directly accessible in our solutions online and allow you to train and review topics at any time. The materials are available in multiple languages and are updated along with our solutions.

Administrator Training

We provide administrator training, which includes: access and profile management, reading rights management, content and edits, parameterization and their impact on the various engines. Our technical experts collaborate with your IT team to train them on the technicalities of our solutions, project execution follow-up and monitor our applications to best identify alternative project routes if needed.

Certification Training

Finally, we provide certification training for our partners. Three levels of certification are offered according to the training course test results on our various solutions:

· Sales certification : Following this training, you will be able to present Vekia, our different available solutions and our Try&Buy offer.Following this training, you will be able to present Vekia, our different available solutions and our Try&Buy offer.

· Technical certification level 1 : This level of training allows you to gain complete mastery of our solutions. You’ll possess the ability to navigate and set gestures and business processes.

· Technical certification level 2 : This level of training allows you to be a Vekia solutions trainer. You’ll be considered an expert on the use of our solutions, regularly informed and trained on our number of evolutions and updates of our solutions.


Our Try & Buy Offer

You would like to improve your stock management but you have some hesitations?

Our answer: Test before committing yourself. We propose you to try our solution in real size, to evaluate its performance and organisational contributions.

At the end of the test, you decide !

The best of Vekia service without any commitment!


1. Data Quality and Analysis

With TRY Before You Buy, Vekia analyses customer data, identifying anomalies and inconsistencies. The Customer improves data quality, resulting in immediate and long-lasting benefits.

  • Data Collection and Analysis

The Customer (SI) provides the data. Vekia checks continuously: Quality, Integration into engines, consistency.

  • Correction of Anomalies

Anomalies and inconsistencies reported to Customer for correction. Examples include: Closed Store Sales, Sales without stock, Article without supplier. Corrective steps to be taken if necessary.

  • Customer Benefits

Improved quality of activity and repository data leads to: Improved SC Operations, Business Digitalisation.


2. Foundation

This stage lays the foundation guaranteeing success and effectiveness of TRY Before You Buy.

  • Lay the Foundation

Continuous exchange (central, store, warehouse), Data mining (1/2), Data analysis

  • Results

Strengthened Customer & Vekia partnership, Customer Process Modelling and Alignment, Solution Features, TRY perimeter definition

  • Customer Benefits

Expert vision of the performance of your Supply: KPI’s, Identify Quick Wins skills, data, IS, Improved data roadmap.


3. TRY Preparation

At this stage, we will collaborate to set up the TRY offer solution.

  • Initiate TRY Mode

Data Mining (2/2), Daily, automated and secure data flow implementation, Advanced Trade Exchanges, TRY User Training

  • Results

Tightened alignment of management protocol, Solution features, Trial of parameterised solution.

  • Customer Benefits

New quick wins business, data, IS, Optimisation of business gestures and settings, Improved data roadmap


4. TRY

The Customer pilots their supply with the Vekia solution and support.

  • TRY

Steering actions (supported by Vekia), Analysis of results (KPIs), Optimised Settings, Validation of calculated data (content and format).

  • Results

Performance measurement, TRY User Autonomy

  • Customer Benefits

Valuation of earnings, Pilot READY, Change conductor


5. Pilot and Deployment

The Customer settle the pilot and deploys the solution. Vekia supports the Customer.

  • Selected Parameter Pilot

Integration of computed data by Vekia in the IS Client. Daily solution use in headquarters and individual stores, Constant Vekia support, Performance Tracking (KPI's), Settings Optimisation.

  • Results

Autonomy of key users, Driver Store Results Shared with All Network, Gain Measurement, Field operation statement

  • Customer Benefits

Successful example for fast movement, Continuous Process Improvement