Vekia Try before you Buy: Discover our newest offer

We took advantage of our presence at NRF Retail’s Big Show 2017 and media coverage to announce our brand new Vekia Try and Buy offer


With the new offer Vekia Try and Buy, test Vekia solutions at a lower cost.

Dominique Rerat, CEO of Vekia, explains the idea behind this concept: “Retailers see change but have difficulty grasping it. They want to move on to business algorithms but need to be reassured to invest.

Our answer is simple: we implement the solution in a store that has nothing to pay, if not a small fee as proof of commitment. We leave him the choice of criteria of success. Then, if the solution satisfies him, the customer enters the paying phase and we deploy the solution, which is why we call it Try and Buy.

Some prospects were able to discover this offer in preview and, according to Manuel Davy, President of the company, the response was very positive, with a touch of astonishment all the same.

“There is a waow effect, it shows how confident we are in our solution.” This bodes well for the success of its future US presence at the end of the year. “Whatever the outcome of the test, the retailer will learn from it and take no risks,” he says.

In France, in the USA or elsewhere, the publisher promises to put the resources in place to ensure the smooth running of the operation.

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