Non-tech businesses are beginning to use artificial intelligence at scale

The Economist journalist, Alexandra Suich Bass, wrote an article on the fact that non-technology companies are starting to use Artificial Intelligence on a large scale ! She spoke among others the case of Leroy Merlin, who adopted AI, and more particularly the machine learning using our solutions.


Contributions that extend beyond the technology sector

Alexandra Suich (The Economist)

Alexandra Suich (The Economist)

""Instead of relying on instinct and rough estimates, smarter, faster predictions, powered by AI, promise to make businesses much more efficient. At Leroy Merlin, a French home renovation retailer, managers used to order a new stock every Friday, but by default, the same items as the previous week allowed them to start their weekend earlier. The company now uses algorithms to collect past sales data and other information that may affect sales, such as weather forecasts, to better store shelves. According to Manuel Davy, President and Founder of Vekia, this has reduced inventory by 8% while sales have increased by 2%.

AI and automatic learning (terms that are often used interchangeably) involve computers analyzing large amounts of data to find models and deliver predictions without being explicitly programmed to do so. Larger amounts of data, more sophisticated algorithms and greater computing power have given the AI more strength and capabilities. The results are often similar to what an army of statisticians with unlimited time and resources could have achieved, but they are achieved much faster, cheaper, and more efficiently."

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