Five Key Trade Issues for 2017

Olivier Founding manager of the Retail sector at Capgemini Consulting believes that distributors will have to face 5 major challenges. Moreover, according to him, the traditional signs will have to review and rethink their missions and reinject the content in the relationship with the customer, using digital tools for example.

How has Artificial Intelligence interfered in our lives ?

When technology combines with human expertise and ingenuity, society as a whole benefits. If you take a closer look at the evolution of GDP, a key indicator of a country’s economic situation over more than 850 years, you will notice that it is constantly evolving.

Artificial Intelligence disruption

After the Mobile-First disruption, here is another one that will impact the business world and especially retail and Ecommerce: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

5 popular beliefs about Sales Forecasts

Sales forecasting is essential for Supply Chain stock optimization and inventory flows management. Although a simple concept, sales forecasting is misunderstood by many.

Vekia Accelerates Growth in UK Market

Originally stationed in shared offices in the center of London in early 2016, Vekia gains steam in new market entry and supports the growth already demanded by other European countries.