Vekia is the expert and pionner of Artificial Intelligence
in Supply Chain


Mathematical engineering is at the heart of Vekia's know-how. Our technical team is led by experienced researchers from high-level academic research (CNRS, - INRIA and Cambridge University). They are surrounded by developers who are experts in scientific programming.

AI brings robustness and accuracy to your sales and stock calculation forecasts. Its founding principle is to seek the best match between the complexity of a mathematical model and that of the data to be processed.

AI enables systematic and efficient search for the best forecasting model. These forecasts can then be used to calculate proposals for store or warehouse orders that take into account packaging, purchase and sales prices, actual delivery times, transport constraints, merchandising, etc. These forecasts can then be used to calculate store or warehouse orders.

This is the primary mission of the engines of our software packages!



How to make your stock more reliable in the digital age?

Find out in our White Paper why and how Artificial Intelligence plays an essential role in stock reliability?

Some key information from the White Paper:

  • Ensure maximum product availability;
  • Maximize linear availability rate;
  • Discover the new generations of procurement tools.