As a pure player or omni-channel retailer, you need to leverage the wealth of information collected in Big Data to build better sales forecasts, reduce and manage inventory, improve product availability, and maximise profit margins.

Retail and Specialised Stores

The competitive context, the network development, and the growth of distribution channels deeply impact Supply Chain management processes which remain essential for the success of a company. One of the most prominent issue is to get the right stock at the right place at the right time in order to meet the clients or stores needs.

Our solution and its distinctive concepts will help you manage two huge challenges : sales variability and quantity of data !

  • Quick Return On Investment
  • Increased team efficiency
  • Durability, stability and reliability
  • Change management simplified

Retail issues:

1. Broader product catalogue
2. Price war get stronger and stronger
3. Increasingly short delivery times
4. The omnichannel - Click & Collect

Main Benefits:

Robust automatic forecasting:

Forecasts of the actual sales potential are calculated daily on all articles and cover a period of several weeks. To do this, our tools group stores and articles according to their sales behavior. The collected data is then smoothed to eliminate imperfections: abnormal sales peaks, stock shortages, exceptional closures... These steps allow an intelligent automatic forecasting to increase the precision of our solutions recommendations for your strategy.

Dynamic definition of the right stock:

In order to obtain an accurate state of play, the calculations of demand and safety stock are carried out with finesse: SKU/day/stores. Our tools also integrate suppliers' delivery schedules to order a quantity that automatically takes into account suppliers' holidays.

Financial optimisation of orders:

In order to make profitable the flows between suppliers and storage locations, our solutions calculate the level of profitability of orders according to the minimum free. Our tools are able to determine whether it is more advantageous to order a larger quantity but to obtain delivery free of charge rather than relying on the quantities offered to meet demand and pay for shipping costs.

Our algorithms are also configured to take into account the costs of overstock.

Worldwide retailers already works with Vekia


«We chose Vekia because their Next Generation Supply Chain solutions appeared relevant to us in our specific activity. We could connect the solution directly to our existing IT system and found a true partner who understands our challenges.»

Cécile Laroumanie – Supply Chain Director - Leroy Merlin

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