One of your main challenges is to turn your industry into a profit center. Vekia can support large references inventory management.

Spare parts have long been regarded as a necessary evil and are now of an eminently strategic dimension in many industrial sectors. In fact, the spare parts sector is in full evolution. The war is raging among automobile manufacturers, the desire to obtain satisfactory service levels is a key success factor for B to C players, stock optimisation is an important issue for high-tech, equipment and aeronautics manufacturers.

That's why Vekia meets these expectations by offering a demand forecasting solution, anticipating demand and order proposal by integrating the strategic data of your company and its ecosystem.

Main Challenges:

1. Service level improvment
2. Inventory optimisation
3. Better Demand Forecast
4. Delivery optimisation

Industry and Spare Parts and their Main Benefits

Robust automatic forecast

Demand forecasts are calculated every day, on all references and cover several weeks/years horizon for product life cycle monitoring. For this purpose, our tools group warehouses, stores and references according to their sales behavior. The collected data is then smoothed to eliminate imperfections: abnormal consumption peaks, stock shortages... These steps allow an intelligent automatic forecasting in order to increase the accuracy recommendations.

Dynamic definition of the right stock

In order to obtain an accurate inventory of fixtures, calculations of demand and optimal stock levels are carried out with finesse: SKU/day/store. Our tools also integrate suppliers' delivery schedules to order a quantity that automatically considers constraints.

Purchase Order:

In order to make the flows between suppliers and storage locations profitable, our solutions calculate the level of profitability of orders/delivery according to logistical constraints such as minimum free-of-charge. Our tools are able to determine whether it is more advantageous to order a larger quantity but to obtain delivery free of charge rather than relying on the quantities offered to meet demand and pay for shipping costs.

Our algorithms are also configured to take into account the costs of overstock.

Ultimately, these operations optimize storage costs associated with replenishment and supplier orders while improving packaging selection for a better end to end Supply Chain Management.

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