One of the main challenges of textile is the granularity of sizes and colours that multiply the management points and make it difficult to control the right level of stock. Vekia helps you meet these challenges with simplicity and confidence.

Fashion and Textile Industries

As digitalisation is shaking up traditional supply processes for retail stores, ensuring the right stock at the right place at the right time, can be very difficult. Our solution allows brands to optimise the entire Supply Chain consistently across all channels.

Our solution dedicated to the Fashion & Textile industries not only facilitates the move to digital, but also allows you to face the future with confidence!  ProVisia solutions are designed for brands which:

  • manage inventory across all levels of the Supply Chain
  • work with products with a limited shelf life or that are short on supply
  • manage their distribution channels centrally via one or more distribution centre(s)

Main Fashion & Textile Issues:

1. Achieve automated forecasts, promotions and price adjustments
2. Significantly reduce handling and logistics costs
3. Become more competitive and elevate your KPIs
4. Detect emerging trends and manage exceptions

Main Benefits of our solutions for Fashion Activity

Sales Forecasts:

Thanks to its exclusive Machine Learning technology, Vekia solutions anticipate sales for each product of your assortment, sales forecast indicators declined as references, sizes, colors and store location.
Vekia's engine takes into account all previous activity, the more you feed, the more your sales forecasts are refined, regardless of whether your forecast need is daily, weekly or seasonal.

Ordering The right Quantity At The Right Time:

Vekia solutions provide various services to your buyers, providing predictions, recommendations, as well as timing and product amount to order to ensure optimal replenishment and in-store sales. Taking into account the logistical constraints of your distribution center and suppliers/ carriers, our solutions provide specific recommendations about the transition of your product orders. Finally, you anticipate your needs in stock, and ensure an increasingly substantial turnover.

Adapting to your industry:

In addition to analysing your past sales to closely determine your sales forecasts, our solutions bend with changes and fluctuations of your industry. Throughout all of your business operations or in the case of exogenous event, our solutions adapt and take account of these phenomenas in their forecasts. The flexibility of our solutions ensures your expectations in line with reality and the diversity of your business and your marketing strategy.

Your Inventory Strategy:

With the supply forecasts provided by our engine, you’ll have access to the best indicators for predicting the constitution or reconstitution of your store or warehouse inventory, so you can stick to the forecast sales of your products. Knowing the perfect level of stock for each store at anytime provide the ability to anticipate logistics components, and master more efficiently your operational costs and schedules


Worldwide Fashion & Textile retailers works with Vekia

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«Vekia impressed us with its deep understanding of our business issues. Their solutions suit our specific requirements while having the huge advantage of being completely packaged, thereby removing the need for us to manage complex maintenance or in-house development projects.»

Joannes Soënen - CEO - Tape à l’Œil

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