We design and publish the most advanced solutions for control of the supply chain of stores Distribution through the power of Machine Learning.

Specialist Retail issues of our forecast management solutions help procurement Retailers optimize inventory management (develop their sales and margin), automate processes (more reliable and more effective) and be agile (exploit to better their current Supply Chain and to adapt quickly).

Our methods allow to analyze and explain the factors affecting your previous activity in order to better anticipate the future. One of our characteristics is our ability to model rare events, through a centralized computing process based on the best algorithms from the Machine Learning.

But beyond the adequacy of our methods, the essential is to us that our solutions take into account and effectively support your business context.

All Retailers

Predict the closest actual demand of your store, eliminate unnecessary product and maximize supply chain efficiency.

Fashion & Textile Retailers

Allocate your stock from logistics platforms to distribution centers and storefronts with precision.

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