Your project begins its life in the planning stages, not when it is put into operation. We therefore need to be able to assure our customers that we can provide long-term support, business and technical expertise, provide operational guidance, and guarantee a responsive service, so that they can focus on doing their job right from the very beginning of the project!

Vekia has put together a dedicated team of functional-technical project managers who work on the integration of our software into your IT system.

This experienced team:

  • Has expertise in project management and possesses an excellent understanding of the business areas served by our solutions,
  • Is the main point of contact for your IT and business teams,
  • Manages the projects and offers you the solutions which best fit your situation and which will deliver the highest level of effectiveness.
Our aims :
  • To successfully integrate our products:
    • Into your operational environment: applying our understanding of your situation and your business processes to ensure that your organisation benefits from the best possible use of our products and from the transformation of your supply chain,
    • In your technical environment: with our support in shaping the required technical architecture and implementing the right interfaces and flows.
  • To provide rapid ROI.
  • To provide clear reporting on the different stages of the project.
  • To apply our quality assurance methodology.
Our expertise :

We offer you the skills you need to ensure the success of your projects:

  • Consultants who are experienced in the distribution and supply chain sectors; the analysis of business processes and change management support,
  • Project managers who have led large-scale projects within well-known organisations and who have the skills to manage their complexity,
  • Integration engineers who can guide you through the building of new architecture, along with interfaces to your IT system and the implementation of the product.
Our approach :

Our approach to projects is founded on methods which are:

  • Straightforward and practical,
  • Agile, so that the rhythm of work can be maintained,
  • Collaborative and managed
Our methodology :
  • Defines a framework and a common language, as well as measurement of the quality and performance of the project
  • Provides a structure for the activities involved
  • Aims to:
    • Focus the approach on the standard features of the software,
    • Provide a clear base for the management of customer relationships,
    • Put a risk management initiative in place,
    • Ensure the project is well-managed (in terms of costs, quality and deadlines).

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