Once the project has been integrated and put into operation, it is managed by our support team. Vekia has put processes in place to allow our clients’ teams to focus on their business. These procedures ensure that the project is well-monitored and optimise the effectiveness of completed activities as well as those that are yet to take place. 

Our catalogue of support services is adaptable and goes far beyond traditional, simplistic support. Our wide range of clients have differing needs, and our tailored services allow us to meet their expectations once our product is in service.

The strengths of Vekia support
  • A team of engineers who are experts in our solutions can be reached by telephone, email or via tickets.
  • Close collaboration between the business consultancy team, integrators and the software editing department.
  • An easy transition between the project and support phases. The support team works with the project team (project manager, project director, integration engineers and business consultants) in the weeks leading up to the project being put into production to ensure optimal quality of service from the first day of use.
  • A permanent link with our team: we organise regular operational reviews to assess service quality indicators.
  • A ticketing platform which facilitates effective follow-up for on-going issues and the creation of a knowledge base.
Vekia support is much more than just maintenance :

Depending on your needs, our support team can offer guidance in:

  • Temporary delegation of operations
  • The operation of additional services
  • Business consulting and additional user training in IT and business systems
  • Other areas where you require support
Service levels and our commitment :

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are defined in our maintenance contracts. According to the severity of the ticket, we are committed to resolving the incident within a given time-frame, either by using a work- around or by correcting a product anomaly.

Collaboration between different teams allows us to honour these SLAs. Depending on the problem, the people involved might include: business consultants, product teams, the corrective maintenance team and the research and development team, amongst others.

SLA indicators are presented to our clients during Customer Support Meetings which are organised every other month.

Customer feedback :

In addition to these key indicators, and in line with our mission to always go the extra mile in terms of service quality, we have created a customer satisfaction form. We use this to understand how we are performing against certain criteria:

  • Responsiveness
  • Response time
  • Quality of response
  • Quality of our relationship with you
  • Our understanding of your business needs

Contact us to discuss your business needs.