Our consulting team is here to meet the needs of your business. Whatever deliverables or solutions we put in place, they must continue to provide lasting value. To ensure that this happens, a core team is identified at the very beginning of the project. Our consultant will make recommendations and your internal team will have the final say.

A tailored follow up service will, of course, be available once the task is complete to validate results and support managers in decision-making.

Examples of tasks undertaken:

Strategy :
  • Restructuring of the supply chain
  • Definition of the logistics network
  • Analysis of the value chain
  • Analysis of opportunities for outsourcing or bringing in-house logistical operations
Supply & flow management
  • Stock reduction
  • Improvement of product availability
  • Redesign of processes (forecasting, sales & operations planning, supply planning)
  • Reworking of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Support for implementation of Advanced Planning Software (APS)
Distribution & Transport :
  • Improvement of warehouse performance
  • Optimisation of transport and calls for bids from potential providers
  • Guidance in choosing service providers

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