Our positioning perfectly illustrates our hyper specialization in the only field of retailers supply chain, but reflects also our perfect awareness to address one of the most strategical processes for our customers.

Before all, our aim is to conceive the most efficient solutions which constitute the main element of the flows management of our customers, and which, like the human heart, will perfectly allow you to anticipate and to manage activities fluctuations throughout your supply chain while fueling your whole retailer channels according to their capacity and correct need.

Our solutions adapt to your positioning and to your strategy getting the most performance.

Our added value :

Solutions proposed by Vekia are based on 3 complementary know-how:

  • The perfect understanding of issues and stakes of retailers field
  • The expertise coming from the research in recent applied mathematics allowing to evaluate the demand with more reliability and precision and to model the whole game of operational constraints
  • The know-how in IT development based on recent technologies.

This know-how, associated with our specialization on supply chain fields related to retailers enable us to publish software package perfectly adapted to current and coming issues of our customers, and to make their supply chain processes a performance boost of the retailer.

Our expertise :

To bring to our customers a highly specialized service, we have developed and devote ourselves to an expertise on business issues that we recommend. Our specialization on retail chain and our DNA from research in mathematics bring us a new perspective on the best way to address their stakes.

This know-how is available in all of our companies’ functions but is particularly visible in our pre-sales teams and projects so that every employee can efficiently meet our customers’ expectations, from the step of needs collection to the deployment of our solution.

This business skill is a major asset to communicate with our stakeholders since it ensures a perfect understanding of their issues and stakes and they get in this way adapted, clear and precise answers.

But knowing that our expertise in mathematics allow us to stretch boundaries, our customers recognize in Vekia a company able to break with usual codes and challenge them on their methods and processes for bringing proposals on the best solutions to implement in their context.

Consequently, our perfect understanding of needs and objectives contribute to a higher efficiency in the implementation of our solutions and the appropriation of our customers teams.

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