Five Key Trade Issues for 2017

Olivier Founding manager of the Retail sector at Capgemini Consulting believes that distributors will have to face 5 major challenges. Moreover, according to him, the traditional signs will have to review and rethink their missions and reinject the content in the relationship with the customer, using digital tools for example.

5 popular beliefs about Sales Forecasts

Sales forecasting is essential for Supply Chain stock optimization and inventory flows management. Although a simple concept, sales forecasting is misunderstood by many.

Mobile Apps from Consumers: Gold Mine for Sales Forecasting

When we talk about Big Data in Retail, we usually think of collecting sales data to gain a better knowledge of consumer buying behaviours. resulting adaptations linked to the supply chain (products, suppliers, outlets).

Retail and Smart Data: The Revolution is On!

In order to be sustainable in the market and pursue continuous growth, companies must look for innovative solutions and implement them in a quick wins fashion.